1. What are your hours?
8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday, closed on federal and Metro observed holidays.
2. How do I pay my probation fees? Who do I make the money order payable to?
Payments may be made online on this website using a credit or debit card. To make a payment online, please return to the homepage and type your first name, last name, and date of birth in the search box and select SEARCH. Then, select MAKE PAYMENT to begin the payment process. A fee of 2.30% is added to credit card payments to offset what the credit card companies charge us. Online payments for this site are PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
Payments may also be made in person, mail, or by telephone (credit card only). Money orders are made payable to “General Sessions Court Probation”. For more information on paying probation fees, click here.
3. What types of payments do you accept for probation fees?
We accept cash, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. A fee of 2.30% is added to credit card payments to offset what the credit card companies charge us.
4. What is the difference between probation fees and court costs/fines?
Probation fees are separate from court costs/fines, and they are paid to different departments. Probation fees cover the cost of supervised probation. Probation fees are paid to the General Sessions Court Probation Department. Court costs cover the cost of judicial proceedings. The fine (if applicable) is separate from court costs and is the amount of money levied for the offense committed. Both courts costs and fines are paid to the Criminal Court Clerk.
5. Where do I pay my court costs/fines?
All court costs and fines for criminal offenses are paid to the Criminal Court Clerk located in the Justice AA Birch Building at 408 2nd Avenue North, Suite 2120, Nashville, TN 37201. Their phone number is 615-862-5601. For more information on paying court costs and fines, click here.
6. What is your address, phone, and fax?
We are located at 100 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 10, Nashville, TN 37201. Our phone number is 615-862-8380 and our fax number is 615-862-8364.
7. Where is my probation officer located?
All Probation Officers are located at the address above, which is the basement of the Ben West Building.
8. Where is AverHealth and what is the cost of a drug test?
AverHealth is located at 360 Deadrick Street, Nashville, TN 37201. The cost of a drug test is based upon the Phase you are placed into. Testing costs may vary.
9. Where can I do community service?
Community Service, also known as public service work, must be performed with an agency approved by your Probation Officer. We frequently use Metro Beautification and Non-Profit agencies throughout Nashville and the middle Tennessee areas.
10. What is the name of the class I have to take? Phone number? Address?
People on probation are required to participate in many different programs. At the time you were placed on probation, your Probation Officer provided you with a document that provides the name and contact information. If you lost that information, you must contact your
Probation Officer to find out that information. On our website, please select “Find My Probation Case” or call our office at 862-8380, extension 0.
11. Can I have this charge expunged (removed) from my criminal history?
If you pled guilty to an offense eligible for expungement and successfully completed the requirements of the court, you must file a motion to expunge your offense with the Criminal Court Clerk. Please contact the Criminal Court Clerk at 615-862-5601 for more information.
12. What is the number for state probation/community corrections/mental health/drug court?
State Probation and Parole is 615-253-7400 (Blanton Ave) or 615-262-6161 (Dickerson Pike)
Community Corrections is 615-862-8370 Ext. 9
General Sessions Mental Health Court is 615-862-8320, extension 0
General Sessions Drug Court is 615-862-8320, extension 0
13. Who is my probation officer? What is their extension?
Please select “Find My Probation Case” on our official Website or call 615-862-8380, extension 0.

14. When is my court date?

To find your next court date you have two options:
i. For a return court date for Probation, please select “Find My Probation Case”. To search for all available court dates, please click here or contact your Probation Officer.
ii. For a pending criminal charge, please contact the Criminal Court Clerk at 615-862-5106.